Marcy Lane, Author of A Mercy of Widows

Heartfelt Stories Meet Legal Action

Marcy Lane delves into the depths of human emotions with a compassionate and candid touch. Her debut novel, A Mercy of Widows, weaves poignant tales of love, loss, and justice, set against the backdrop of Canada’s assisted dying laws. With a unique blend of seriousness and humour, Marcy’s character-driven stories invite readers to ponder the complexities of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

When she’s not writing, Marcy enjoys painting with watercolors and ink, exploring new destinations, and crocheting fashion accessories. She loves spending time outdoors in her garden, playing fetch with Bug and tug with Lucy.

Introducing A Mercy of Widows

  • A Mercy of Widows was a Finalist in the 2023 Wishing Shelf Book Awards.
  • A Mercy of Widows was also a Finalist in the 18th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.

A made-up story where two widows and twelve jurors grapple with Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) laws. 

Steadfast love during life’s darkest moments, the heartbreak of life and death decisions, and the discovery of forgiveness in unusual places.

Step into the poignant world of A Mercy of Widows, a gripping debut unraveling love, loss, and life’s tough choices.

Meet Heddie—a widow at a crossroads, haunted by grief and the nagging fear that she failed her late love, Hugh.  Promises made, secrets unveiled—she journeys to heal a shattered heart and rebuild her life after her fiancé, Hugh, took an unexpected path. 

When Heddie becomes an unwitting juror in a high-stakes mercy-killing trial, her own struggles intertwine with those of the accused, prompting a profound exploration of self-discovery where Heddie must confront her past and make peace with her pain. 

In this emotionally charged narrative, bitterness and hurt collide with forgiveness and justice to weave a tale of redemption.


“Lane has outdone herself with this well-written, carefully crafted story that seamlessly blends heartache, healing, and humor.” – Proud Reader in BC

“A Mercy of Widows stands out with its strong narrative, masterfully grappling with complex issues and hitting the mark in portraying the human experience.” – Engaged Reader

“Set against Canada’s legal backdrop, this emotionally charged novel navigates the complexities of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), leaving readers to ponder life’s tough choices.” – Thoughtful Reader

“Heddie, the main character, is brilliantly brought to life, evoking a deep connection with readers, making them cheer and grumble alongside her.” – Enthralled Reader

“This novel excellently captures the essence of animal narratives, showcasing the author’s profound understanding of animals and those who love them.” – Animal Lover and Reader

“A MERCY of WIDOWS is brilliantly conceived and profound, exploring the nuances of love and life with heart-wrenching honesty.” – Satisfied Reader in Japan

“Marcy Lane’s narrative masterfully spotlights human kindness amidst darkness, offering a heartfelt exploration of loss, compassion, and unconditional love.” – Avid Book Lover

“Lane’s skillful storytelling in A Mercy of Widows chronicles a journey of change, healing, and growth, underscored by the vital role of support and friendship.” – Impressed Reader

“Combining compelling storytelling with well-researched content, this novel is highly recommended for anyone seeking an entertaining yet enlightening read.” – Avid Book Lover


Her heartbreak is real but lack of a wedding ring has left her defenseless. Will grappling with MAID legislation destroy her or bring her peace?

Heddie Wright worries she’s failing her beloved. Struggling to resurface from grief after caring for her boyfriend as cancer tore him apart, the forty-something almost-widow is discovering how hard it is to fulfill her promise to move on. And her tentative steps toward healing become entwined with a tense mercy-killing trial when she’s assigned to the jury that must judge another heartsick woman.

Locked out of her sweetheart’s funeral and final will, Heddie wrestles with thoughts that he was merely using her as a convenient deathbed nurse. But a biting awareness of how far she is from coming to grips with her own choices leaves her reluctant to dole out blame as secrets, fears, and anguish spill across the courtroom.   

Will wrestling with unbearable decisions help her complete a crucial journey of self-discovery?

Tackling heavy subjects with deftly balanced perspectives and a leavening of wit, Marcy Lane weaves a poignant picture of the human elements involved in the birth of Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying laws. Filled with flawed but loyal heroines, dynamic dialogue, and endearing pets, her candidly compassionate words will leave readers pondering anger, grace, and the impossibility of unanswered questions.

A Mercy of Widows is an emotionally charged work of women’s fiction. If you like character-driven stories, seriousness tempered with humor, and realistic legal drama, then you’ll adore Marcy Lane’s tale of redemption.

You can buy A Mercy of Widows in paperback and ebook through most major online retailers. And, it’s also available through a couple subscription services: Everand, Kobo Plus, and Hoopla. Plus, there’s an AI-narrated audiobook version now available.

Get A Mercy of Widows to deliver a just verdict on grief today!

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