When Words Foster Important Actions

Old hand reaching for book

It’s not every day that a writer hears their work has not only touched readers’ lives but prompted action. Yet, that’s the humbling feedback I’ve been receiving. To add to this honour, A Mercy of Widows was named a Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

Several readers have confided that Heddie’s struggle over Hugh’s estate in the book has opened their eyes to the chaos that can ensue from inadequate legal preparations. Moved by her story, they’ve updated their own wills and personal directives, ensuring clarity and peace for their loved ones.

Today, however, I received a message that struck a deeper chord. A reader, struggling to help her terminally-ill husband, found guidance and solace in my words. Facing the heart-wrenching reality of her husband’s terminal illness, she reached out for help on how to navigate the complexities of the assisted dying process. I connected her with @dwdcanada, who connected her with the services who helped her husband get approval for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). Although he is not ready to take that step, the peace they have found in having the choice for a dignified end is invaluable.

I am deeply touched and grateful that A Mercy of Widows could contribute to such a significant aspect of someone’s life. To know that my book can be a beacon during the most pivotal moments is a privilege beyond words. This is the power of literature – it can enlighten, comfort, and empower, even in the face of life’s ultimate truth.

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