Why did I write this book?

Book release date, A Mercy of Widows

My debut novel, A Mercy of Widows, will be published September 1, 2023.

Of all the stories rattling around in my head, why write one with so much death, dying and grief? Why tackle something as challenging as Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) rules? Especially as a debut?

The simplest answer is it’s the first one I needed to tell.

Cancer killed both my life partners. In both cases, while navigating medical appointments and hospitals and trying to wrap up their affairs, we made too many mistakes.  And their deaths were difficult, despite the considerable efforts of attentive and resourceful medical personnel. They died before Canada’s assisted dying legislation was enacted in 2016. I’m certain, even without foreknowledge of the strain of his final days, one would have chosen a MAiD death had it been available. The other? I’m not sure. 

While this story is pure make-believe, the characters’ emotions and their potential calamities are not. Writing Mercy helped me better understand the challenges inherent in making decisions about the quality of one’s life and death. I hope this story helps readers examine taboo subjects of death, disease, dying, grief from the safety of an imagined world, and figure out their own answers to life’s ultimate challenges long before they need them.

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