From Instagram to Insights: Book Marketing Trial and Error

When I first heard that every author, especially a debut author with few established readers, needs an “author platform,” I was skeptical. For one thing, what does that term even mean? Good question. According to David Gaughran—who has a gobsmackingly good free course and many excellent free resources—an “author platform” is basically an author’s presence […]

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Navigating the Digital Narration Landscape: Crafting A Mercy of Widows Audiobook

As the publishing world develops, so do the opportunities for indie authors to innovate and adapt. My latest venture into this dynamic terrain was the creation of the audiobook for A Mercy of Widows using so-called digital voices (also called virtual voices or AI). In this post, I’m sharing the insights gained from this process,

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News & Reviews

Wishing Shelf Book Reviews ‘A thoroughly engrossing legal drama highlighting and challenging the thorny subject of assisted dying. Highly recommended!’ The Wishing Shelf Book Reviews (May 13, 2024) I must say, I very much enjoyed this character focused novel from the talented pen of Marcy Lane. Accessibly written and often rather thought-provoking, I loved not

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A Crash? Clowder? Murder?

Ah, the whimsical world of collective animal nouns, a linguistic tradition that’s as quirky as it is charming! Did you know that these fanciful phrases date back to medieval times? They were initially coined by the gentry as a part of hunting etiquette – a way to distinguish the nobles from the peasantry and avoid

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Heddie’s Doodles

In the quiet confines of her jury room, Heddie, our protagonist, found an unexpected form of therapy in doodling her notes. While some might see it as a mere distraction, for Heddie, it was a crucial method for processing the traumatic experiences unfolding in the courtroom and her life. Each stroke of her pen was

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2024 Creative Writing Course

I’m thrilled to announce a series of interactive workshops I’ll be hosting in collaboration with the Arts Society of Kingsville. As a passionate advocate for the art of storytelling, I am eager to share the insights and techniques I’ve gathered over my journey in writing women’s fiction. These workshops are designed not just to hone

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Book Club Questions

I’ve recently been approached about the possibility to attending book club conversations about A Mercy of Widows, and the idea thrills me. I am so curious about reader’s perspectives on my story. I love to hear what parts of the story resonated with readers and which parts fell flat. This kind of feedback helps me

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A delightful blur

Fall 2023 has been a delightful blur. Sure, I’d been told (warned?) that writing a competent book was just the first (and maybe, the easiest?) step on my journey. Those who travelled this road before me advised that getting my book into the hands of interested readers was the greater challenge. And I have certainly

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