Reviews: A Reader’s Gift

You might think your greatest gift to your favourite authors is buying or borrowing their books. And, you wouldn’t be wrong. I’m genuinely tickled when readers grab my book and I’m very grateful for your support. Another important gift – for both other readers and authors – is your review. And, surprisingly, that importance doesn’t […]

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Homemade-ish Cover

I decided I would try to create my own book cover. I began toying with the idea after I first subscribed to Canva. (Canva will come up again in my posts. I love Canva.) Whenever I needed a break from wrestling with my story, I played around with images and graphic design on Canva. I

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Audio Narration is Hard

Hard-learned Tips. Recently, I participated in a survey hosted by researchers at McGill University exploring various Canadian dialects. I didn’t even realize there were more than three Canadian dialects: the Maritime accent, epitomized by Newfoundlanders’ speech, the recently-discovered middle Ontario dialect, courtesy of the sitcom Letterkenny (I need the subtitles and still don’t understand half

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Online Bookstore

Welcome to the sales page for my book! You can purchase it in three formats: paperback, e-book, and audiobook. The paperback is primarily available through Amazon. The e-book is for sale directly from me, Amazon, and most other online retailers and subscription services. The audiobook, uniquely AI-narrated, is exclusively sold through me as it’s not

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Mercy’s Village

It takes a village to create a book. Here are shoutouts to the many many people who’ve helped me with A Mercy of Widows. Learning My Writing Craft The Write Practice – Early in my learning, I stumbled, almost literally, onto a webinar hosted by the founder of the Write Practice, Joe Bunting. I signed

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Why did I write this book?

My debut novel, A Mercy of Widows, will be published September 1, 2023. Of all the stories rattling around in my head, why write one with so much death, dying and grief? Why tackle something as challenging as Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) rules? Especially as a debut? The simplest answer is it’s the first one I

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Choose a Cover

When I need a change of pace from writing and revising A Mercy of Widows, I dabble in creating some book covers. Here are some book cover mock-ups I have designed with the help of Canva, some generous photographers (free stock photos) and an AI image generator ( Please leave a comment to tell me

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Writing Habit? Gamifying Helped

 I struggle with creating a so-called “writing habit”. All the best and prolific writers say we need daily practice to succeed. Like me—you’ve probably read that advice yourself a gazillion times. And, like me, you probably recognize the wisdom of experience in their words. But, just saying: it’s easier to read that advice than practice

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